"Abico Group: Abico Group was founded in 1965 as Ability Enterprise Co., Ltd. by two brothers: Tong Ching-Hsi and Tong Ching-Hsiung. At first our main business focused on importing and selling Japanese business appliances, but in 2000 we started ourselves on a path of investment, purchasing and diversification. We are now a diverse business entity with 5 listed companies: Ability Enterprise Co. Ltd. (TT 2374), AVY Precision Technology INC. (TT 5392), Grand Tech C.G. Systems Inc. (TT 6123), Jabon International Co., Ltd. (TT 1566), and Abico-FS Co., Ltd. (TT 8071).

Abico Group currently employs over 15,000 people working in 15 manufacturing locations and 20 international sales locations around the world.

Abico Group has kept up with international production trends and diversified production to include both traditional industries and emerging industries, and in 2011 we established Ability I Venture Capital Corporation as an investment platform from which to expand into private consumption, branded business and the imaging and creative industries. Abico is actively creating a diverse strategy for synergy and development using its vast network of Japanese resources and successful investment and merger experience. We want to become the world’s Corporate Reengineering Expert, and we’re going to continue growing on our path of globalization to build a diverse and multicultural group.