Ability I Venture

About Ability I Venture Capital Corporation: An investment company established by Abico Group and chaired by Tong Ching-Hsi, it was established in October 2011 to facilitate and provide information for mutual investment between Taiwan and Japan. Its primary stakes are in Abico Group, but it holds a diverse portfolio with investments in WPG Holdings, Megabank, ChangChun PetroChemical, Zig Sheng Industrial, Taiwan Life Financial, and other companies. Fund management is provided by Abico Consulting, a company chaired by Dong Junyi with Hu Xiangqi as its general manager. Although Ability I Venture is a fairly new company, it has successfully handled many traditional domestic cases along with a host of international cooperative investment cases, including the purchase of stocks in a Japanese-owned company in China, a joint investment by Abico Group and two Japanese companies, public tender offers for Sanyo Taiwan, and the establishment of a contact lens company together with a certain listed Japanese company.